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"An Unmissable event and a sumptuous piece of musical theatre. The Show Must Go On, and on"
"'WE WILL ROCK YOU' is a combo of the witty, dramatic and kitsch, given an ascerbic and intelligent twist by Ben Elton"
"To say that this production is massive is like saying that Jimi Hendrix could play a little bit of guitar"
"'WE WILL ROCK YOU' is a lavish feast at the musical table"

Capital Radio, October 2002 Howard Abernethy

"I saw WWRY last night – it's totally amazing - everything about it is really fantastic - massively entertaining"

Capital Radio, 10 May 2002 Zora Suleman

"This extraordinarily splashy spectacular"
"The band are nothing short of sensational"

Nina Myskow

"The spectacular West End musical"

Daily Mirror, 15 May 2002 Kevin O'Sullivan

"The impressive set with sophisticated hydraulics and huge video screens bearing computer-animated scenes conjure up a colourful vision of the future"
"A Queen song-fest - The songs will have even the most curmudgeonly punter tapping their feet and remind you just how fabulous Queen were"

The Independent, 15 May 2002 Fiona Sturges

"There was wild applause at the climax of the show….and it only got louder"

The Daily Telegraph, 15 May 2002 Hugh Davies

"Queen's musical is kind of magic. It is spectacular. Magnifico"

The Sun, 15 May 2002 Hugh Davies

"Rock of ages strikes a rhapsodic chord"
"What distinguishes WE WILL ROCK YOU is that it's about rock music. There's a lot of soul, and it's what makes the show…with scorching live guitars all round"
"The sheer power of the best Queen numbers strikes hard"

Financial Times, 16 May 2002 Alastair Macaulay

"The spectacular new Queen musical"

Daily Express, 16 May 2002 Alastair Macaulay

"I thought it was fantastico"

The Sun, 16 May 2002 Ulrika Jonsson

"A new breed of musical - it's brilliant"

BBC Newsnight Review, 17 May 2002

"It's exhilarating and great fun"

Time, 27 May 2002 James Inverne

"The audience - love it. They cheer and clap and laugh a lot"

Q Magazine, June 2002 Neil Massey

"One of the best shows I've seen in yonks. An evening of sheer entertainment and enjoyment"
"I loved every moment of the evening and so did everybody else in the packed auditorium. By the end we were all on our feet waving our arms. There were numerous calls for encores and, if we'd had our way, the cast wouldn't have been allowed home until breakfast. The show should run for ever"

Daily Mirror, 8 July 2002 James Whitaker

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