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40 Years Of Queen By Harry Doherty


40 Years Of QueenIntroduction by Brian May and Roger Taylor

Published in hardback by Goodman on 3rd October 2011, £30.00

Captivating unseen photographs and intimate memorabilia revealed for the first time, along with untold anecdotes

Published to celebrate an incredible 40 years.

Here's a secret. As I write this, I actually haven't read what Harry has written for the book, to string the images together. This is unusual - letting go of control is not one of my usual talents - normally I'm all over something like this, editing it to get rid of the inaccuracies. But in this case, I don't want to go there. Harry is one of the very few people I trust to speak the truth as he sees it. I probably won't agree with everything he has said here - but I know that it will all have come from a place of goodwill, and a spirit of sharing his thrills - he never lost his boyish enthusiasm. As I'm sure you will be able to see. In fact, Harry specifically asked me to tell you that his words for this publication are intended as a feast for fans, as pure pleasure. Thanks Harry. I think the rest of the contents of this book are self-explanatory. Enjoy!
Brian May

Good luck writing about this strange and unusual collection of musicians called 'Queen'. I wish you happiness, and luck.
Roger Taylor

Queen: one of the biggest bands the world has ever seen.
40 Years of Queen is an official publication, fully approved by the band, telling their story right from the very beginning. It showcases stunning moments in the band's history through photographs, as well as truly unique pieces of memorabilia from the private collections of Queen's members. This tribute will give fans unprecedented access to all areas, and the chance to get their hands on some fascinating, intimate memorabilia for the first time ever: backstage passes, handwritten lyrics, ultra-rare posters, original tour itineraries, handwritten letters, limited-edition records, invites to the now-legendary tour parties, a CD of all four members of the band talking and more...

The author is available for interview.

Harry Doherty has worked as a music journalist since the early 1970s, when he joined Melody Maker as a staff writer. He continued to write on rock for the next four decades. He writes features for music publications including Classic Rock magazine.

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